Fighting The Drought

Water Warriors is a registered non profit organization based in Cape Town. Our sole purpose it is to collect donated water from the general public and big business through volunteer donation stations and distribute it to areas affected by the severe drought our country is currently experiencing.

We have been very fortunate to have had water and transport donated on many occasions but require additional funds to transport water to towns further away that are in dire need of clean water.

This will be done without any interference from political parties and the likes and we would like to keep this group free from any political chatter.

Water does not choose race, religion or political affiliations. It is for everyone. ​ Where there is water there is life. Where there is life there’s growth. Please support us in our cause.

The drought affects all our lives!

Drought affects our lives on so many levels because water is such a vital part of so many of our activities and every day living. We need water to live and animals and plants do too! We need water to grow the food we eat and we need it for drinking, cooking, and washing and to make electricity… and so it goes on like a game of dominoes, where one thing affects the next thing all the way down a long line – right down into the farmers bank account and his heart!

Ways you can donate to the cause.

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